6 Ways To Make Friends As A Mom 

So, since I’m pretty new to the stay at home mom life, I’m still trying to figure things out. Going from a busy full time student in college, to planning a wedding, to a new wife working full time while also being pregnant, it was quite a big difference to suddenly stay home all day. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I am bored or have a lack of things to do because trust me, as any mom could tell you; boredom is a feeling of the past.

But what I had to get used to, was being on my own for so long. I love the company of my little one but life get’s lonely when your only companion can only speak in precious baby squeaks. 

I was craving adult interaction. 

It became exciting to talk to the person at the Taco Bell drive through.

Realizing that there must be tons of other stay at home moms out there who also need some adult interaction, I started searching for ways to meet them. 

Here’s what I found (that worked):

1. Meetup. http://www.meetup.com is a great way to make mommy friends! After creating an account, you can easily search for the type of group you’re interested in. Search something like “baby”, “mom” or “kids”. In my area, there are TONS of mom groups, separated by suburb. A lot of them have a yearly fee to join, usually somewhere between $5-20, but I have found free ones too. The downside (in my area at least) is that some of these groups are actually so popular that there are waiting lists! So due to being wait listed, I haven’t actually been able to attend a Meetup yet. But hopefully I’ll get to try it out soon. 

2. Facebook: Facebook has probably been the easiest resource so far. I somehow accidentally found the “breastfeeding mom’s” group for my city one day and was immediately intrigued. I then got the idea to search for more groups and joined like 7 all in one day. Other than the breastfeeding one, I am also a member of the SAHM group, baby-wearing group, and lots of other local mom groups (like Meetup, they are typically separated by town or suburb). Most of the groups are just used for people posting questions or looking for advice or recommendations from other local moms, which is cool. But groups like the SAHM one are great because they actually schedule lots of times to meet at places like the zoo, museums, and parks. Because it’s Facebook, it’s easy to creep on people and see what they’re like and how old their kids are to find moms that seem like you’d click with. I’ve met a few women through these groups that have messaged me individually to set up play dates! 

3. Baby-Wearing International: I mentioned the baby-wearing Facebook group already but felt it was deserving of it’s own point because it’s much more than a Facebook group. If you’re a fellow baby-wearer, I suggest checking out               www. babywearinginternational.org and finding your local chapter. They have meetings and workshops where you can learn about ways to wear or even bring your own wrap to ask questions and figure out how to use it correctly. My local one (not sure if all chapters have this) also has a lending library which basically means they have a “library” of wraps that you can borrow to test out before buying your own. 

4. Hike It Baby: Okay, so, I think Hike It Baby is really cool. Just like it sounds, Hike It Baby is an organization that gets people together to hike/walk outdoors. You have to become a member to participate but there is a free 90 day trial and the basic membership is only $10 annually. The website is easy to use but they also have a Facebook page. A Hike Host (basically anyone can become a Hike Host) creates a hike and posts it to the page to invite everyone else. There is a description of the hike telling you what time they’re meeting, how many miles they’re walking, the difficulty/pace of the hike, how long they intend to stay for, what type of gear to use (carrier/stroller) and any hazards at the particular hike location (water, slippery rocks, etc). If your city doesn’t already have a local Hike It Baby, you can also sign up to become a Branch Ambassador. https://hikeitbaby.com

5. Peanut: Peanut is tinder for moms. Seriously. It’s so awesome! You add one to ten photos of yourself, your kids, your partner, your dogs, or whatever else you’re into, then put the ages of your kids (you can also put how many weeks pregnant you are if you’re expecting), and fill out a few basic things like where you live, what you do for a living and whatever else you want to include in the bio space. Then, you select three little icon things to help describe yourself even more. For example, mine are a crown for “mom boss”, a flower for “spiritual gangster” and a piggy bank for “thrifty”. They also have ones like “fitness fiend”, “strictly organic” and “hot mess”. There are 24 to choose from & they’re actually super helpful when trying to learn more about a mom. So when using the app, you see the mom’s name, where she lives, her pictures, icons & kids ages. You either swipe up if you like her or down if you don’t think she’s a good match for you (you can always change your mind on the no’s and swipe up later). If you both swipe yes on each other, you’re a match! You then have the option to message through the app to talk further or make plans. 

6. Local places moms hang out: So for me right now this is mostly the library. Our library has Babytime which is story-time for babies where you sing songs and blow bubbles and things like that. All the moms sit in a circle with their babies and it’s a great way to socialize. My husband and I are also planning to put our little one in swimming lessons soon. They’re parent/child lessons since he’s an infant, so I’m sure I’ll meet more moms there. There are also places like Gymboree and The Little Gym, where you can take classes with your babies. (They are a bit expensive though so for now, I’m sticking with the free bubbles and songs at the library).  

So there you have it! 

6 ways to get out of the house with your little and find some mommy friends (or daddy, for you stay at home dads- these can all apply to you too! Except for Peanut, which is just for moms.) 

Through hours of late night googling, I have tried many other websites and apps said to help moms connect and these 6 were my personal favorites. 

Let me know in the comments how you met your mommy/daddy friends or if any of my tips helped you!


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